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Appointing Authority

The Appointing Authority is the competent body to appoint arbitrators in case parties are unable to agree on a single arbitrator, a Respondent defaults with the selection of his party appointed arbitrator and the two party appointed arbitrators are unable to agree upon a presiding arbitrator.

The Appointing Authority shall take into account the advisability of appointing an arbitrator of a nationality other than the nationalities of the parties. The Appointing Authority is also competent to decide on challenges of arbitrators.

The Appointing Authority currently consists of two Chambers. The competence of the Chambers derives from the name of the Respondent named first as respondent in the Notice of Arbitration. The members of the Chamber responsible for the letters following the letters for which the Chamber is competent shall act as alternate members to the Chamber responsible for the previous letters in the alphabet.

First Chamber

The first Chamber is responsible for matters with the letters A - M.

This Chamber consists of the following members:

  • Angelo Anglani
  • Dr. Colin Ong
  • Lu Song

Second Chamber

The second Chamber is competent for matters with the letters N - Z.

Members of the second Chamber are:

  • Nayla Comair-Obeid
  • Bart Kasteleijn
  • Li Yong