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Notice of Arbitration

The Notice of Arbitration by a Claimant initiates CEAC arbitration and is governed by Art. 3 CEAC Rules.

It is the first document to initiate CEAC arbitration proceedings and does not amount to a detailed statement of claim. It is a concise notice comprised of mandatory and optional elements:

  • Mandatory Requirements


    • Demand to refer the dispute to arbitration
    • Names and contact details of the parties as well as the statutory representative, if applicable
    • Reference to the arbitration clause or the separate arbitration agreement that is invoked
    • Reference to the contract out of or in relation to which the dispute has arisen
    • Brief description of the claim and an indication of the amount involved (if any)
    • Relief or remedy sought
    • Proposal as to the number of arbitrators (i.e. one or three), language and place of arbitration, if the parties have not previously agreed thereon


    • Copy of the contract related to or out of which the dispute has arisen
    • Copy of the arbitration agreement if not contained in the contract as arbitration clause
  • Optional Requirements

    • Proposal(s) for the appointment of a sole arbitrator
    • Notification of an arbitrator in case of three arbitrators
    • Full statement of claim


Parties or counsels wishing to file a notice of arbitration may address it to:

Chinese European Arbitration Centre GmbH
Adolphsplatz 1
20457 Hamburg

They may also use the letter box of the Hamburg Court of Appeals in order to secure that they meet a certain date for submission as this letter box is also available on weekends, holidays and at night and is checked frequently. A notice of arbitration in this case should be addressed to:

Chinese European Arbitration Centre GmbH
Landgericht Hamburg
Sievekingplatz 1
20355 Hamburg

Administration fee

Upon filing of the Notice of Arbitration, the claimant shall pay the administration fee determined in accordance with the Schedule of Costs of CEAC. If the administration fee is not paid upon filing of the Notice of Arbitration, CEAC Management shall issue an invoice and set a time period within which the claimant is required to pay. If the administration fee on costs requested by CEAC Management from the claimant is not paid within the period set, the claim shall be deemed to have been withdrawn.