CEAC Chinese European Arbitration Center Chinese European Arbitration Centre


The Chinese European Arbitration Centre (CEAC) was previously held by its former shareholder, the Chinese European Legal Association (CELA).

Purpose & Functions

CELA was founded in July 2008 to support and foster the exchange and interaction between China and Europe in the areas of law and legal culture.

Given that the quick and fair settlement of disputes is only second best to avoiding disputes, CELA offers education to lawyers in cross-cultural and comparative law, in particular in the fields of negotiation, dispute avoidance and dispute settlement by conciliation / mediation and arbitration.

It is CELA's strong belief that a better knowledge of each other's legal and general culture as well as personal relationships are of paramount importance in creating fruitful and undisturbed trade relations. Any upcoming disputes can be settled smoothly if people talk to each other, know about each other and learn about and from each other. It is in this spirit that CELA has created CEAC in Hamburg as a truly global venture.