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Belt and Road Initiative - Opportunities and Challenges for International Dispute Resolution


Prof. Dr. Eckart Brödermann, managing director of CEAC, visited Thailand Arbitration Center (“THAC”) on 16 October 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand. THAC was established subject to the Thailand Act of Arbitration Center B.E. 2550 in 2007 and well supported by the Thai government.

During the visit, the managing director of THAC – Mr. Pasit Asawawattanaporn and Prof. Brödermann discussed about the future cooperation between THAC and CEAC, as well as the latest developments of the practice of international arbitration, especially in the context of the China Belt and Road Initiative ("BRI"). Prof. Brödermann also gave a speech about the challenges and opportunities for international dispute resolution led by the BRI and the advantages of using UNIDROIT Principles for cross-border transactions along the modern Silk Road.

With respect to the similarities between CEAC and THAC, the close tie between China, Germany and Thailand, as well as the civil law characteristic of these three countries, Prof. Brödermann used Art. 35 of the CEAC Rules to demonstrate a possibility to choose UNIDROIT Principles in an arbitration clause to cope with the cultural differences and challenges in international arbitrations.

Representatives of THAC and Prof. Brödermann further probed into the details of the future cooperation plan. Mr. Asawawattanaporn also supported the idea that if the civil law arbitration institutions unite their forces, they can offer a comprehensive solution to China BRI’s projects.


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