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On 10th October 2018, the traditional CEAC breakfast during the IBA annual conference 2018 in Rome, this year organized as a joint "CEAM CEAC Arbitration Breakfast" together with the European Court of Arbitration, took place at the beautiful offices of Nunziante Magrone in Piazza di Pietra.

After introductions by the President of CEAM Avv. Mauro Rubino Sammartano, by the Chairman of CEAM Rome Avv. Corrado Rosano and by the Vice President of the Chinese European Arbitration Association (CEAA) Dr. Elke Umbeck, CEAC’s Managing Director Prof. Dr. Eckart Brödermann gave a speech on "Concentration on the core values of arbitration".

The speech and subsequent discussion perused through the advantages of arbitration such as freedom and flexibility granted by most arbitration laws and arbitration rules. The need to concentrate on the core values of arbitrations to "sell" arbitration - as compared to litigation - will emerge increasingly if and when the Hague Choice of Court Convention (2005) enters in more jurisdictions into force, at some point eventually making obsolete the argument that only arbitration awards are easily enforceable in foreign jurisdictions. In particular, China has become a signatory state in 2017.

The speech was followed by a vivid discussion with international participants from many jurisdictions.


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