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CEAC's Arbitration Operations run smoothly


At the occasion of the visit of a Chinese business delegation chaired by Han Zheng (Secretary of the Communist Party of Shanghai) in June to Hamburg, Germany, CEAC Managing Director Professor Eckart Brödermann represented CEAC at an official luncheon hosted by the Mayor of Hamburg at the Town Hall.

"It was a good opportunity to explain to a number of high representatives from Chinese industry about the functioning of CEAC".

Indeed the CEAC operations have been running very smoothly in the past two years. CEAC operates the daily business with the support of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce located physically just at the backside of the Hamburg Town Hall.

While CEAC operations would hope for some new cases, patience is needed. For example, CEAC was informed in May 2015 that one of the leading companies in a consumer industry which operates worldwide has switched to CEAC clauses in all its contracts with Chinese contract partners. CEAC welcomes such wise decisions, but it takes time until they bring actual business to CEAC.


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