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Chinese translation of Professor Brödermann’s book on German and European Private International Law


Between February and April 2015 a Chinese translation of CEAC Managing Director Professor Eckart Brödermann's book on German and European Private International Law has been released in China.

With the help of CELA member Caroline Berube (HJM Asia Law, Shanghai), the book was distributed to a number of Chinese Universities, institutions and law firms. The translation was initially prepared by CELA-Member Dr. Yiliang Dong for an unofficial first release in 2010. In fall 2013 Zaokelaguli Aikemu translated updates integrated into the book. Professor Tao Du(杜涛 教授)of the School of Law at the Fudan Universtity wrote a preface. Since the entry into force of the Chinese Law of the People's Republic of China on the Laws Applicable to Foreign Related Civil Relations ("PRC Law on Applicable Laws (FRCR)") on 1 April 2011, China has a Private International Law which is designed on the basis of the same principles as the European and German Private International Law.

The idea for the translation project was actually born at a discussion in Beijing when Professor Eckart Brödermann (then founding President of the Chinese European Legal Association, today chaired by his successor attorney at law and arbitrator Thomas Weimann, Düsseldorf) visited the Beijing Arbitration Commission (Mme Wong Hong Song) to discuss issues of Private International Law with Chinese arbitration practitioners and Chinese students.

The Chinese book reflects the first part of the 5th edition of a book co-authored by Professor Eckart Brödermann with Joachim Rosengarten of Hengeler Mueller (CELA member with an office in Shanghai), on Private International Law and International Litigation and Arbitration.


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