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Communicating with the Chinese European Arbitration Centre (CEAC) during the Covid-19 Crisis


The professional activities of the management of the Chinese European Arbitration Centre and in particular the work of the case management continue despite the various restrictions imposed on public and private life in Hamburg.

Communicating and, in particular, filing a notice of arbitration with the Chinese European Arbitration Centre (CEAC) remains possible as provided for by the CEAC Arbitration Rules. In order to ensure a timely receipt of any communication, the CEAC management suggests to proceed as follows:

  1. Any communication, including a notice of arbitration, should be advanced by e-mail using the following e-mail-address: management@ceac-arbitration.com. Receipt will be confirmed promptly. In addition, we suggest to request a read and/or delivery receipt when sending your e-mail in order to fulfill the requirements under article 2 para. 1 CEAC Arbitration Rules.
  2. To the extent required under the CEAC Arbitration Rules, hard copies of any communication should, nevertheless, be sent in parallel to the Chinese European Arbitration Centre. Please use the following address for the filing of any hard copy communication with CEAC:
    Chinese European Arbitration Centre
    c/o Handelskammer Hamburg
    Adolphsplatz 1
    D-20457 Hamburg
  3. If you should wish to speak with the CEAC management and/or the case managers, please send an e-mail to management@ceac-arbitration.com and you will be contacted asap.

Warm regards and stay healthy!

Dr. Dominik Ziegenhahn
Managing Director CEAC


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