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Dr. Dominik Ziegenhahn

Dr. Dominik Ziegenhahn appointed as New Managing Director of CEAC

On 12 December 2018 the Board of the Chinese European Arbitration Association (CEAA) has appointed Dr. Dominik Ziegenhahn as additional Managing Director of the Chinese European Arbitration Center (CEAC) in Hamburg. He will strengthen the existing management and take over responsibility for the administration of CEAC cases.

Dominik was admitted to the Bar in 2003 and is partner in a prestigious law firm in Hamburg. His practice includes corporate law, international transactions and arbitration/litigation.

Since many years he has developed a specific focus on Sino-European cross-border transactions and disputes. Moreover, he has been actively involved with CEAC for many years as the finance director of CEAC´s founding shareholder, the Chinese European Legal Association (CELA).

CEAC with its track record of more than 10 years will certainly benefit from his dedication and expertise to gain even more international recognition.


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