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Office Visit by Prof. Maohui QU from China


Following the lecture “Recent Developments in Chinese Civil Law” of Prof. Maohui QU at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law in Hamburg, Prof. Qu and Mr. Hanying LI from Hunan Arbitration Commission had an after-meeting with one of CEAC’s member law firms – Brödermann Jahn.

Mr. Hanying LI is a listed arbitrator in Hunan Arbitration Centre, the Managing Director of Luhe Law Firm, the Vice President of Changsha Bar Association and the Vice Secretary-General of Hunan Bar Association. Prof. Maohui QU is the Dean and a Professor of Hunan University Law School, a Director of the China Law Society, a Vice-President of the Hunan Law Society, the President of the Hunan Law Society Civil and Commercial Law Research Association and a CIETAC-listed Arbitrator.

During the visit, Prof. Qu and Prof. Dr. Eckart Brödermann introduced the history and function of CEAC to Prof. Qu’s delegation group. Prof. Qu and Prof. Brödermann also discussed about a few topics regarding Chinese Civil Law, Chinese Arbitration Law and China-foreign related arbitrations. Among these topics, Prof. QU, as a member of the expert team who advised on the Chinese Civil Code modification, confirmed that the 2017 General Provisions of Chinese Civil Law was inspired by UNIDROIT Principles, especially regarding non-performance. The UNIDROIT Principles also play an important role in CEAC which offers an option under Art. 35 of the CEAC Rules to choose UNIDROIT Principles as the applicable rules of law. They further discussed about Competence-Competence principles in international arbitration.

Moreover, Prof. Qu’s delegation team and Prof. Brödermann probed into future potential cooperation and communication between CEAC and Hunan Bar Association as well as Hunan Arbitration Commission.


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