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The Cliffs of Arbitration


Lessons from the World of Specialised Arbitrations?

International arbitration has developed a broad range of regional and sector-specific specialisations. Navigating the waters of specialised dispute resolution may have its perils but also offers valuable lessons for arbitrations in general.

With its rich history of international trade and arbitration, Hamburg is home to arbitration- friendly courts and many specialised arbitral institutions with the latter gathered under the roof of the Hamburg International Arbitration Center (HIAC). With this event, we want to tap into this accumulated knowledge and bring together experts from these different institutions. Our panellists will share their insights about treacherous cliffs in their respective waters, how arbitral rules, tribunals and courts have addressed them and discuss what valuable guidance may be derived from this for everyone involved in international dispute resolution.

Event program Introduction

  • Christian Graf
    Hamburg International Arbitration Center
    New World - New Challenges?
  • Dr Matthias Schlingmann
    European-Latinamerican Arbitration Center (ELArb)
    Driving on the Silk Road
  • Dr Elke Umbeck & Dr Dominik Ziegenhahn
    Chinese European Arbitration Centre (CEAC)
  • Dr Nicoletta Kröger
    German Maritime Arbitration Association (GMAA)
    Navigating Stormy Seas
  • Moderators
    Dr Johanna Büstgens (Hanefeld)
    Tim Rauschning (Luther)


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