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Dear Young CEAC members, we - Catrice, Jonas and York -, being the new Young CEAC Co-Chairs, are pleased to finally revive the activities of Young CEAC.

As our first initiative we would like to invite you alongside with DIS40 North to the event Arbitration and China in Hamburg on 29th November 2016.

The arbitration seminar will take a closer look at the particularities of arbitrating in China and arbitrating with Chinese parties. We will hear from distinguished practitioners on the cultural differences that affect the conduct of arbitral proceedings and determine the parties' underlying expectations, the legal questions arising when Chinese parties are involved and the challenges that may arise during the enforcement of arbitral awards in China. Our co-chair York will also introduce the work of the CEAC, being the Hamburg based Chinese European Arbitration Centre.

The program is as follows:

  • 5.45 pm
  • 6.00 pm
    "Arbitrating with Chinese Parties - Legal Challenges"
    Venus Valentina Wong (WolfTheiss, Vienna)
    "The Impact of Culture on the International Arbitral Process"
    Christopher Lau SC (3 Verulam Buildings, London and Maxwell Chambers, Singapore)
  • 6.40 pm
  • 7.00 pm
    "The Chinese European Arbitration Center"
    Dr. York Zieren (Brödermann Jahn, Young CEAC Co-Chair)
    "The Enforcement of Arbitral Awards in China"
    Dr. Björn Etgen (Senior China Counsel, Graf von Westphalen)
  • 7.40 pm
    Panel Discussion and Round-up
  • 8.00 pm

We are looking forward to jointly bringing Young CEAC back to life. Please feel free to actively participate in Young CEAC and contact us at any time.

Looking forward to seeing you in Hamburg!

Catrice, Jonas and York


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