CEAC Chinese European Arbitration Center Chinese European Arbitration Centre

About CEAC

CEAC is a means to foster and assist the trade with China with a tailor-made institutional arbitration centre.

However, CEAC's self-understanding is truly international. According to Article 1 CEAC Rules, CEAC will even respect any choice of parties to arbitrate disputes according to the CEAC Rules, irrespective of a relationship to China, or to Chinese trade or investments. By granting equal power not only to Europeans and Chinese but also to other worldwide participants, the balanced neutrality of CEAC is put into life.

CEAC strives to...

  • provide a top-level and neutral dispute resolution process to enhance and facilitate China-related trade and investment matters for the international business and legal community;
  • solve China-related disputes by an international approach and in an economic way with respect to cultural differences in order to sustain global business relationships.


CEAC hat seinen Sitz beim Hamburg International Arbitration Center in der Handelskammer Hamburg. Dieses stellt auch Räume für Schiedsverhandlungen zur Verfügung.